Coming from a long line of winegrowers since 1840, the Zimmer family managed the trading house "Preiss-Zimmer" before it was bought by the Turckheim winery in 1988. The winery supplied the grapes to the Turckheim winery, which processed the product and marketed it under the Preiss-Zimmer brand. From 1999, proud and ambitious, the house of Zimmer decided to return to bottling wines from its own vineyards at the estate. At this moment, the estate comprises 9 hectares of vines, spread over 66 parcels around Riquewihr, 14 of which are classified Grand Cru. Thus, the redevelopment and commercial development work was going well and demand was flourishing until the premature death of Antoine Zimmer, owner until 2001. His wife, Régine, as well as his daughters, Laure and Carole, then decided to take up the torch with the aim of continuing to produce the estate's wines with respect for the family know-how and a guarantee of quality to ensure the authentic expression of the Alsatian terroirs. Today, the Zimmer house produces some 60,000 bottles each year, including three reputed grands crus (schonenbourg, froehn and sporen), late harvests as well as regularly awarded muscats, riesling, pinot gris and white, gewurztraminer and crémants. Concerned about the impact of agriculture on the environment, the Zimmer house is committed to sustainable viticulture, minimizing as much as possible the use of chemicals and other fertilizers that can harm the fertility of their land. Finally, in order to ensure impeccable quality, their yields are lower than the authorized yields.