Perfectly manicured vines, towering gum trees, gently undulating hills and big blue skies make up the backdrop at the stunning Longview Vineyard, run by brothers Mark and Peter Saturno. As well as lush foliage and landscaped gardens, the property features rural-chic architecture that knits together this quintessential Australian landscape. This grand imagery has made the Longview experience an essential wine journey. Originally a dairy for most of the 20th century, Longview produces an exciting portfolio of wines - all of them single-vineyard estate-grown. Key to this award-winning range is the valley landscape, with red varietals grown on the northern slopes where they ripen consistently, and white varietals grown on the southern side where the cooler aspect allows the grapes to maintain their acidity. Longview is located on the South Eastern Ridge of the Mt Lofty Ranges and at our highest point (410m above sea level), a “long view” stretches out toward the Southern Ocean and Lake Alexandrina. This southern location accounts for a slightly higher than average temperature than the rest of the Adelaide Hills, while the altitude confirms it as a true cool-climate site. During the summer, warm days are followed by cool winds shifting from the southern waters off Lake Alexandrina and the coast. Consequently, these conditions result in a very high diurnal range which is quite site-specific and provides a remarkable breadth of flavour profiles in the grape berry.