THE VINEYARD : Our vineyard is 30 years old on average, however, some plots planted with Muscadet are more than 70 years old. These old vines bring structure and minerality to our wines. In order to benefit from a maximum rooting, we plough the soil of our plantations during the first four years. This technique is a way for the roots to explore the soil more deeply and thus benefit from better water and nutrient reserves. After the fourth year of planting, we practice controlled natural grassing and we work the soil mechanically at the inter-cep level. Planted at 7,000 vines per hectare, our vineyard is pruned in simple guyot. In a concern of respect for the plant and the environment, our vineyard is cultivated according to the Terra Vitis charter. QUALITY APPROACH : With the 2005 vintage, we have implemented traceability. Thanks to this follow-up, we are able to guarantee to our consumers but also to our intermediaries, a security on all our wines from the vineyard to the bottling. ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY : As part of Agenda 21 and sustainable development, the City of Bouaye and the Urban Community of Nantes have created the Environment Trophy, which rewards companies that implement a real environmental approach. The Domaine du Haut Bourg has for several years adapted its working methods in order to respect and protect nature. The municipality awarded us this trophy, recognizing our farm as a model in the agriculture category. The wine is made from grapes from a farm qualified for sustainable agriculture certified Terra Vitis.