Crème de Pêche de Vigne

Joseph Cartron

Crème de Pêche de Vigne


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6 x 500ml
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SAQ Specialty by lot
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Fruit liqueur
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About this winery

Know-how: "The delicate operations are carried out in a traditional way, respecting manufacturing processes and recipes that have been tried and tested over time: For the creams and liqueurs, the fruit, once harvested at full maturity, is put in a maceration vat with superfine alcohol. The maceration time is defined for each fruit according to its capacity to perfectly transfer its perfume to the alcohol. It is indeed by finding the right balance between the fruit, the alcohol and the sugar...

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Production notes

The vats are loaded with fruit to 2/3 of their volume and then filled with superfine alcohol. The maceration is carried out cold and lasts from 10 to 12 weeks until the peach color and aromas are perfectly transferred to the alcohol. The duration of maceration is essential. It preserves the delicate flesh of these fragile fruits and gives the alcohol the necessary time to penetrate to the stone, thus releasing all their aromas. Only this method will allow the vine peach to fully develop all its rich and complex aromas. The infusion thus obtained is then drawn off and carefully filtered. The slow incorporation of crystallized sugar naturally lowers the alcohol content and develops the flavour of the fruit.

Tasting notes

Eye : Golden color with a very beautiful shine. Nose: Pure, open and full-bodied. No surprise on the excellent origin of the fruit. The nose is very elegant with aromas of fresh fruit. Palate: Round, fat and with a rich texture with retro-olfaction the purity of the fruit. Very good persistence. Delicious on ice. Indispensable in the composition of many cocktails.