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With know-how, roots, and terroir, Dominique Piron has created a Domaine among the leaders of the region, a Domaine with a worldwide reputation. The Beaujolais crus are slowly regaining the leadership of the region, and the "Nouveau" is regaining its true place, as it was in the beginning in the 1950s, that of a festive and joyful event in November, and no more. The passing fashion of the 2000's, of very concentrated, woody and sunny wines, has given way to wines that are more affordable to drink, simpler to understand, with fruit, not wines to think about, wines to drink. Beaujolais wines are today in the direction of world consumption. Moreover, they go very well with many cuisines of the world. Today, in Beaujolais, new investors have arrived, and a well-trained young generation is returning to the vineyards. The region is magnificent, and the reputation of the wines will be what we decide to make of them. In any case, there is a strong potential. Some of the terroirs are just as good as most of those of our northern neighbors in Burgundy and those of the south, in the Rhone Valley. At Domaine Piron, the objective in 10 years is simple: new vines on recognized terroirs, larger cellars, a better team, strong ambitions. By always privileging in the wines the roundness, the fruit and the pleasure, we are able to make speak a little more the soil, and to put forward some mythical vintages.