Know-how: "The delicate operations are carried out in a traditional way, respecting manufacturing processes and recipes that have been tried and tested over time: For the creams and liqueurs, the fruit, once harvested at full maturity, is put in a maceration vat with superfine alcohol. The maceration time is defined for each fruit according to its capacity to perfectly transfer its perfume to the alcohol. It is indeed by finding the right balance between the fruit, the alcohol and the sugar that the authenticity of the fruit will be fully revealed. This balance is unique for each of the different products and has been obtained after multiple trials by letting the heart and the palate speak for themselves. For the production of citrus liqueurs (triple sec, curaçao, mandarin), cocoa and coffee liqueurs, essential oils of orange and mandarin, coffee beans or cocoa beans are still distilled by us in a traditional still called perfume pear. Its specific shape concentrates the aromas and gives the liqueur an incomparable perfume. » "For its eaux-de-vie, the House of Joseph Cartron has been working for decades with the same families of itinerant distillers. They distil the Williams Pear, the Marc and the Fine in Burgundian copper stills. Then, the Poire Williams brandy is stored in wicker-covered glass bottles. It ages in an ancestral way, in the attic of the House open to all winds, undergoing extreme temperature variations. As for the Marc and Fine de Bourgogne wines, they are aged in oak barrels in the cellar. Then their blending is done on the palate by the 3 tasters of the House who take special care. Finally, all the products, creams, liqueurs and eaux-de-vie, are tasted at each stage of production because the House is very demanding as to the excellence and consistency of the product over time. "Let nature take its course, give yourself time to express the fruit's flavor to the best of your ability. This is the spirit of Maison Joseph Cartron. »